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J D B B Justice for Distressed Bank Borrowers

In my previous Article (NST RED 4th October 2012), I wrote about “Lawlessness in Foreclosure by some Banks” and highlighted the plight of 3 Bank Borrowers who were victims of these “Lawless Banks”.

In another Article (NST RED 11th October 2012), I wrote about a “Lawless Bank’s Odyssey of Deceit and Fraud” and highlighted the plight of 800 housing lot purchasers who were victims of a “Lawless Bank” that unlawfully sold the assets of a Wound-Up Development Company that left the Company with no assets and no means of completing the residential lots purchased by the 800 victims.

Malaysians Arise and Defend our Rights

There are thousands more Malaysians who were and still are being defrauded by these lawless banks, lawless lawyers, lawless developers and lawless liquidators. It is time Malaysians arise to challenge and put a stop to the unlawful acts of these lawless banks, lawless lawyers, lawless developers and lawless liquidators.

Not Level Playfield

Most Malaysians with resignation would say “but when Malaysian Banks commenced with Foreclosure or Winding-Up Proceedings, by the power of their money and their expensive lawyers, they will always prevail and win” 

That Statement is correct if it is a one-to-one fight between the Bank and the Borrower.
In the Footsteps of Mahatma Ghandi

Mahatma Ghandi (1869-1948) who pioneered resistance through mass non-violent civil disobedience was able to defeat Imperial Britain and won Independence for India. How was it possible for Mahatma Ghandi, who had no money, no political power and no army to be able to persuade Britain to leave India peacefully?

It was non-violent peaceful “People Power”.

Let us learn from Mahatma Ghandi. What powers do Malaysian Banks have compared to the might of Imperial Britain that Mahatma Ghandi had to confront and was able to peacefully defeat. 
People Power versus Money Power

If Mahatma Ghandi, with “People Power” was able to peacefully defeat Imperial Britain and gained Independence for India, Malaysians, let us learn from Mahatma Ghandi. When 29 Million Malaysians unite and act as one, we can achieve what an individual distressed and victimized Malaysian Bank Borrower could not.
We can and must teach Malaysian Banks, some of whom acted lawlessly to obey and abide by Malaysian Laws and Procedures when they want foreclose charged properties and wind-up insolvent companies.

When a Bank attacks a Borrower in a one-to-one fight, the fight is uneven. The Borrower by then has no money to employ a lawyer to defend him. The outcome is predictable. The Bank would win. When 29 Million Malaysians unite and help one another, Malaysian Banks may not win that easily. The fight would be more even.

JDBB – Justice for Distressed Bank Borrowers

I propose that JDBB, that stands for Justice for Distressed Bank Borrowers be established to unite Malaysians to help one another defend against the relentless onslaughts of Malaysian Banks. With the intervention of JDBB, the fight between Malaysian Banks and distressed and victimised Malaysian Bank Borrowers would be more even.

JDBB Intervention

When a Malaysian Bank Borrower falls into hard times and is attacked by the Bank because he/she could not pay the Housing Loan Installments and requested for JDBB assistance, the fight would no longer be uneven. JDBB would assist the distressed Bank Borrower and appoint a Lawyer and pay the legal fees to defend him/her against the Bank’s attack.

How can Malaysians help?

JDBB can only help distressed Malaysian Bank Borrowers from being defrauded and cheated by Lawless Malaysian Banks with generous contributions from Malaysians towards a JDBB Defence Fund.

Contributions can be as low as RM10.00. When 2 Million Malaysians each contribute RM10.00, JDBB would have collected RM20 Million. With RM20 Million available, JDBB would be able to assist from 700 to 1,000 distressed Bank Borrowers get Justice.

When a distressed Bank Borrower wins against the Bank, from the Court awarded damages he/she would return to JDBB the legal fees paid on their behalf and if he/she lost to the Bank, JDBB absorbs the legal fees paid.

JDBB Defence Fund

Briefly this is how the JDBB Defence Fund works:-

1.00   A JDBB Defence Fund Ringgit Account (the Account) is opened with a Singapore based International Bank’s Trust Department.

2.00     Malaysians can pay directly into the Account via Internet Banking or any ATM in Malaysia  

3.00     JDBB Management Team has no access to the Funds in the Account

4.00     JDBB Management Team has no authority to make payments from the Account.

5.00    JDBB Management Team’s function is to meet and interview Distressed Bank Borrowers and to appoint Lawyers to assist him/her.

6.00    JDBB Management Team monitors requests for legal fees payment and arrange for the Singapore based International Bank to pay directly from the Account to the Lawyers concerned their respective legal fees.

8.00  JDBB Management Team would publish every 6 months in JDBB’s website and Malaysian newspapers JDBB’s Management Accounts duly certified by a Singapore based International Accounting Firm. 

Further Information

JDBB is currently in the infancy of its formation.

If you agree with and want to support JDBB in our efforts to help and defend distressed Bank Borrowers from being defrauded and cheated by Lawless Malaysian Banks, please send us an email of support to

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